Welcome to Yr Hafod

Welcome to Yr Hafod

Yr Hafod Team

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  • Accommodation

  • Steve Ellis
  • Hostel Bookings Secretary
  • 0845 519 6113
  • hostel@yr-hafod.org.uk
  • Email
  • Courses

  • Kevin Roberton
  • Course Bookings Secretary
  • 0845 519 6114
  • courses@yr-hafod.org.uk
  • Email
  • Hostel Problems?

  • Louise Shaw
  • Hostel Warden
  • 07746 020 038
  • warden@yr-hafod.org.uk
  • Email


For hostel booking enquiries please get in touch below, don't forget to include a contact email and phone number!
For more details and to check availability please visit our accommodation page. If you have any questions please phone 0845 519 6113.

Covid 19

Yr Hafod is now closed until the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is over. As the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted we are hopeful that we can return to business in 2021. To help you with your planning for 2021 we are taking provisional bookings for the hostel and our activity courses and there’s even better news, we won’t be asking for any deposit or payment until the Government and the Scout Association have lifted the restrictions on residential activities taking place. Please phone for your first and second provisional dates. You can continue to browse the website as normal. Click on videos or buy a Buff in the menu to prepare yourself for when we are allowed out again. Stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you at Hafod in 2021.